Clementine Rose and the movie magic by Jacqueline Harvey

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Random House Australia, 2015. ISBN 9780857985187
The avid Clementine Rose in your library crowd will eagerly pounce on No #9 in this sweet series. This latest adventure sees the beginning of next door neighbour Basil's film documentary about Penberthy House - of course, starring Clementine Rose! This excitement is tempered however by Lady Clarissa's worries about some strange occurrences at the quaint hotel which are exacerbated by the arrival of two unexpected guests - one hotel inspector and one very well groomed but snooty woman. Both have a pivotal role in the latest drama to occupy Clementine's family. With the hotel's future - indeed the very house's future - at stake, it's a lucky thing indeed when a very sneaky sabotage plot is revealed.
Parallel to these story threads is the promise of a budding romance as Basil's assistant Drew and his 7 year old son Will develop an immediate rapport with both Lady Clarissa and Clemmie. Now we all will be awaiting the next instalment very impatiently to see how this progresses!
Jacqueline Harvey continually strikes just the right note with her books for younger girls. The mix of adventure, mischief, humour and excitement has great appeal for the intended age group and each book contains much with which these readers can easily identify - even though they don't live in a big old house or own a teacup pig!
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Sue Warren