Chase by Linwood Barclay

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Hachette, 2017. ISBN 9781510102194
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. Chase, written by famous adult crime author, Linwood Barclay, is a thrilling adventure full of secrets, danger and of course running. The book is action-packed with loads of suspense and a major plot twist, which meant it was impossible to put down as the tension built up. An on-edge novel, it was exciting from the start when Chipper, an experimental cyborg-like dog, escapes 'The Institute' before he is run over by Jeff, who is driving underage. Jeff, an orphan, and his friend Emily, nurse Chipper back to health in the woods. But when they plug Chipper into a computer, it becomes apparent that this is not a random meeting and the new friends are in a world of trouble.
At the beginning you get to know the characters and become one with them as they face life or death. The friends launch into an endless adventure of cat and mouse, always looking behind them. The newborn friendship will be put to the test. Chase keeps you guessing what will happen to the strong friendship between man and dog. The author's words captivate you until you turn the last page and will leave you breathless and wanting more till the very end. Overall, everyone can enjoy this, not just kids and teens - adults too!
Cara F. (Student)