Britannica's word of the day by Patrick Kelly et al.

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Britannica's Word of the Day is a small, yet compact hardcover book that will be a wonderful addition to a librarian or teacher’s daily routine, or be placed in a school, public or classroom library.

Every day a new and challenging word is introduced in an engaging manner. The bold and colourful illustrations are humourous and graphic in style.  Each month is clearly defined and easy to find. To start the new year off the word for January 1 is Razzamatazz. All of the introduced words are followed by a phonetic pronunciation, a brief meaning, parts of speech acknowledgement, plus a short factual paragraph using the word. To end the year on December 31 is the word Ebullient. Throughout the book are thematic word double pages including topics such as insects, robotics, baby animals, love language (around Valentine’s Day) and spooky. At the end of each month the introduced words for that month are cleverly presented in an interesting narrative. 

As well as a great resource for teachers and librarians as each word provides the opportunity for plenty of discussion, this very entertaining book would make the perfect gift for a middle-grade reader or writer who loves words.

Themes: General Knowledge & Trivia, Children, Dictionary Meanings, English Language.

Kathryn Beilby