Boy Zero: Wannabe Hero: The Petrifying Plot of the Plummeting Pants by Peter Millett

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Illustrated by Steve May. Faber, 2010. ISBN: 9780571252473.
Recommended for Lower to Middle Primary. 'With all the galaxy's superheroes taken hostage, it's up to Charlie to stop the world's pants from plummeting. Will he be a HERO - or will he be a ZERO?'
Meet Charlie Applejack, the boy with some superhero powers and no skill in using them. He's an unlikely hero, co-ordination is a skill he has yet to acquire, but somehow he seems to always come up trumps.
When General Pandemonium (the world's newest super villain) decides to take over the world by zapping all the elastic and metal that holds up pants and therefore making everyone bared bottomed, it is up to Charlie and his new friend Josh to save the world from its embarrassing fate.
With plenty of bumbling characters, references to bare bottoms and superheroes, this book will appeal to most young readers, and in particular boys.
Zana Thiele