Bluey: Typewriter by Bluey

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Bluey is busy writing a story using the typewriter at school when it is time for a story with Calypso. She is not happy with Calypso’s story and decides to write her own but when she comes back to get the typewriter it is gone. Meanwhile, her friend Snickers has a problem learning to sit and everyone runs away from Winton who is a space invader, so the three decide to go to Calypso to see if she can solve their issues. On the way the Terriers shoot pretend-real arrows at them, and the trio must produce several strategies to evade them. While problem solving Snickers finds that he has a fantastic sausage roll to knock over the Terriers and Winton discovers that he is not standing close anymore. Meanwhile Bluey shows Calypso a pretend typewriter that she will always have with her.

The Bluey TV show is a favourite with pre-school children and any book featuring Bluey is sure to be a hit. Children will already be familiar with the story and this book will give them the opportunity to transfer their knowledge of it from the screen to a printed book. They will also have fun lifting the flaps to see what happens. The illustrations of the dogs are cute and the humour in the story will bring lots of enjoyment for young children. Adults will also be able to talk about the importance of not pushing too close to people as Winton the ’space invader’ does and discuss how Snickers accepts his unique strengths. And of course, the power of the imagination is emphasised throughout the story. A colouring activity is available. 

Themes: Imagination, Typewriters, Individuality.

Pat Pledger