Bluey: The decider by Bluey

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The Heelers and their next door neighbours sit down together to watch the state of origin match on television. Bluey and Chucky discuss the protocols of the audience, Chucky wondering who she should barrack for.  Bluey tells her that as both of her parents support the blue team, then she does too. But Chucky’s decision is not so easy:  she has a problem as her mum supports the maroon team while dad supports the blue team. As Chucky’s parents support opposing teams, her mum stays at home by herself to support her team. Bluey and Chucky are amazed at the way scoring a goal can spark off such different behaviour. They love it when the dads dance around, and sing out at a goal, but are disappointed along with the others when one is scored by the opposing team. Words of support are yelled between houses, and Bluey and Chucky saunter next door to support Chucky and Lucky’s mum who is watching by herself. Even by half time, Chucky is still undecided.

On a couple of very  poignant pages, Chucky has to decide between mum and dad. But by the end of the story, all families are barracking for the same team, the gold team, so all is well, and a lovely image ends the book.

Full of the give and take of family life, Bluey: The decider recreates one of the most (to some) important decisions in their young lives, which footy team to support.

It does this by giving opposing sides and showing the reader that making up your mind is not as straightforward as it may seem.

In bold cartoon images, the board book is full of vibrancy and wonderful characterisation. The story unfolds, keeping the readers’ attention held firmly on the position of the children in the family and the choices they need to make.

Some readers have opined that the story is about divorce, but I think it reflects the decisions children need to make even as young children, and how happy supportive families will aid them in their decision making.

There is a website devoted to Bluey and the episodes can be watched again on ABC iView.

Themes: Family life, Decision making, Football (Eastern states), Humour.

Fran Knight