Beast child by Ben Chandler

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Random House, 2011. ISBN 978 1 86471 979 6
(Age: 11+) Beast child is the second book in the Voyages of the Flying Dragon series. In this book Missy Clemens and her twin brother Lenis continue to explore their abilities against a background of pursuing the evil mercenary Karasu in an attempt to retrieve the stones that can unlock the powers of the baby dragon Suiteki which has bonded with Lewis who is a Bestia keeper and engineer aboard the airship Hiryu. Missy is the communications officer and is trying to learn how to use the Quillblack a feather that turns into a sword of tremendous power, but which needs great skill to be used effectively and protect the user. The twins are part of a group trying to prevent the spread of the Wastelands and the Demons that infest them.
The book is an intriguing blend of folklore and fantasy, largely based on Japanese heroism, anime and manga.
There is plenty of action and adventure to appeal to those who like fantasy but given the complexity involved it may be more suitable for upper primary and above students. The third book Ebb and Flow will follow on.
David Rayner