The City of Guardian Stones by Jacob Sager Weinstein

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Walker, 2018. ISBN: 9781406368864.
(Age: 9-12) Themes: London, Fantasy, Magical realism, Adventure. The City of Guardian Stones is a hilarious, entertaining fantasy caper that takes us deep down into sewers, art gallery and railway tunnels, chasing the dastardly Minnie Tickle stone thief. Hyacinth and her family and friends return for another fantastical quest to save their city from evil forces. Someone is stealing the magical heritage of London; ancient stones are disappearing from underground.
Hyacinth's family are mysteriously connected to the magical rivers that run under the city of London and the stones that hold the ancient secrets of the city. They undertake an epic journey across London, travelling with Oaroborous a giant pig wearing a swimsuit who communicates succinctly with responses written on little cards. They are also assisted by the Coade stone statues which are strategically placed throughout the city, especially the stone lion Hungerford who transports them and assists them in some dangerous situations.
The young girl, her Mom and Little Ben Franklin find themselves locked in jail, stuck in the Lost and Found Office and fighting in magical foggy conditions. Here, Hyacinth's sword and dancing skills utilising her 'Excalibrolly' prove useful fighting Minnie Tickle. Can Hyacinth and her friends stop Minnie from resurrecting the old London Bridge and stop the evil that wants to control the city?
Weinstein's epic story has a surprising array of quirky characters, strange settings and magical moments that takes the reader on a thrilling ride. His world building, architectural descriptions and unique underground places add to the excitement. Each of the main characters learn more about their capabilities, strengths and working together as a team. For added interest, photos and information of the real London sites are included.
Rhyllis Bignell