Silent but deadly by Pixel Kid and Zack Zombie

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Diary of a Minecraft Creeper series. Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742768724
(Age: 7-9) Themes: Bullying, School life, Minecraft computer game. Pixel Kid and Zack Zombie bring Jasper the Creeper back for another adventure in "Silent but Deadly." This junior novel is written in the familiar diary format is packed with Minecraft characters and filled with gross behaviour, family and school dramas and the requisite fart jokes.
Jasper the Creeper's class is teaming up with Mr Grossegg's class to write, produce and perform plays about Minecraft Mythology. Jasper's group includes his best friend Harry and Burt Sting the biggest bully and his gang, Blake the Blaze, Zane the Zombie and Sam the Slime. Harry warns Jasper about these guys and their previous trouble-making. In drama class they just walk around making fun of the other students' plays. Their group choose to act out the story of Sir Farts-a-Lot and his epic adventure slaying an Ender Dragon. Burt and his gang choose the best roles while Harry and Jasper become the front and back end of the dragon. Burt's continual bullying causes problems for Jasper who farts gunpowder whenever he's stressed or upset.
When they meet at the entrance to the mineshaft after school, Stu, Jasper's human friend offers him some advice. 'Be better than the bully don't act like they do.' Of course, things get worse for a while, Harry's temper causes a fire in the drama room, both Harry and Jasper are suspended for bullying Burt and his mates.
With help from his family and advice on how to stand up to the school bullies, Jasper plucks up the courage, battles an Ender dragon and plays the lead character in his school play.
"Silent but deadly" is another fun addition to the "Diary of a Minecraft Creeper" series. With all the familiar characters and typical humour, silly situations and grossness, fans will enjoy this easy-to-read diary and cartoon style format.
Rhyllis Bignell