Three cheers for women by Marcia Williams

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Walker Books, 2018. ISBN 9781406374865
(Age: 8-80) Highly recommended. Subjects: Women - History, Women - Biography. Popular British author and illustrator Marcia Williams (Dot) celebrates the astonishing achievements of women from all over the globe, from ancient to modern times. Her unique comic-strip style creatively showcases more than seventy brave and noteworthy role models from writers to social activists, scientists to artists. Cartoon animal and bird characters float with Dot with her friend Abe around the frames of the cartoon strips, providing fun comments and additional facts.
Brave Boudicca, Warrior Queen of Iceni led over 100000 untrained men into battle against an army of 10,000 Roman soldiers. Williams draws her charging into battle, sword raised, fiery long red hair flowing as she exhorts her soldiers to fight. Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth 1 are included as historical figures. Each figure's childhood, formative years and adult life are told through speech bubbles, easy to read statements and sketches. Williams includes their key achievements, messages and their role in the society of their times. Eleanor Roosevelt was a Human Rights activist who refused to follow the Alabama segregated seating policy in 1936, sitting midway between the white and coloured sections.
Williams has drawn inspirational stories of girls, teenagers and women from many countries, cultures and backgrounds who have made an impact. There's Pakistani bomb survivor and human rights advocate young Malala Yousafzai, Olympian Cathy Freeman, artist Frieda Kahlo, Indian President Indira Ghandi each illustrated with engaging biographies.
Three Cheers for Women is an exciting resource for schools to use across the curriculum, teaching positive gender roles, celebrating diversity, inclusivity and the important contributions of women both today and historically.
Rhyllis Bignell