The hunting of the princes by Peter F Hamilton

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The Queen of Dreams series, book 2. Macmillan Children's Books, 2016. ISBN 9781447291145
(Age: 10 - 16) Highly recommended. Fantasy. The Hunting of the Princes is the second book in The Queen of Dreams by the famous science fiction author Peter F Hamilton. This is his first ever children's fantasy trilogy. The first book of the series title is The Secret Throne.
In the first book of the series Taggie Paganuzzi learns that she is the Queen-To-Be of the magical first realm as her father is an otherworldly prince in exile. He had been overthrown by the King of Night. Taggie has to learn very quickly how to use magic to succeed in defeating the King of Night.
The Hunting of the Princes continues the adventures of Taggie and her younger sister, Jemima. Someone tries to assassinate Taggie as she is cycling home from the local swimming pool in Samford, England. Taggie, with the aid of Jemima and other friends, sets to solving the mystery of who is trying to kill her. She learns that someone has been killing royal heirs throughout the magical kingdoms.
Peter F Hamilton grabs and holds the attention of the reader throughout the happenings and adventures of Taggie and friends as they use all their skills and reasoning to solve the puzzle of who is behind the assassinations of the royal heirs and to avoid being killed themselves. The reader will not want to put the book down. This book is reminiscent of books written by Enid Blyton such as The Famous Five series.
This series is an excellent introduction to fantasy novels for all young readers.
Glen Avery