Don't spew in your spacesuit by Tim Miller

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HarperCollins Publishers, 2017. ISBN 9780733334672
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Don't Spew in Your Spacesuit will have readers laughing even before they read the story. What child doesn't laugh at words like 'spew'? Our young astronaut is heading for Mars and his stomach is upset from the moment the spaceship blasts off. Poor thing, the cockpit is full of spew and he is floating through it all! The young astronaut meets a Martian on Mars but vomit has the alien on the run. Who knew being an astronaut could cause so many problems?
Don't Spew in Your Spacesuit is a hilarious look at life in space. The cartoon style illustrations are funny and full of spew (of course). The rhyming story is engaging and rhythmic, making it a great read out loud story for bedtime (if you don't mind too many giggles) as well as the classroom. It is a quick story to read and great for retelling and maybe drawing a few scenes. It would be good to use as part of a unit on space, comparing it to real images of astronauts and space. Students could also create their own alien.
This story is highly recommended for all readers aged 4+, especially if they love all things space and aliens.
Kylie Kempster