Marge and the great train rescue by Isla Fisher

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Piccadilly Press, 2017. ISBN 9781848125940
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. Marge and the great train rescue includes three short stories about Jemima and Jake and their rather unusual babysitter, Marge. Marge is not your usual babysitter. Besides being very short, Marge has bright rainbow hair and is a duchess. She is always telling Jemima and Jake about her royal escapades.
In 'Marge and the missing tooth', Jake has a loose tooth. Marge is willing to try anything to get the tooth out. Unfortunately, once the tooth is out, Jake forgets where he put it. Will they find the tooth in time for the tooth fairy?
In 'Marge and the great train rescue', Marge, Jemima and Jake are taking the train to the zoo. While dressed in disguises, Marge and the children solve the problem that caused the train to stop. Who knew you could talk to cows?
In 'Marge and the zany zoo day', Marge and the children explore the zoo. Thanks to one of Marge's stories, Jake is determined to set his favourite orangutan free. Can Jemima distract him?
The stories in Marge and the great train rescue are quick and easy to read. The zaniness of Marge's stories will have readers wondering what is an exaggeration and what is true. The vocabulary is easy to read and this collection of stories will make a great first novel for girls aged 7+. It would also be a great before bedtime read, whether read out loud or silently. Parents could even create their own versions for their children. This is highly recommended for readers aged 5+.
Kylie Kempster