Frenemies forever by Rachel Renee Russell

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Ill. by Nikki Russell; Erin Russell. Dork Diaries bk 11. Simon & Schuster, 2016. ISBN 9781471158032
(Age: 9-11) Nikki J. Maxwell returns with another 'dramafest'; her diary brimming with the ups and downs of home and school life. Each year at Nikki's school eighth graders participate in a one-week exchange program. Her friends are excited about their placement however, Nikki is devastated. North Hampton Hills is a prestigious school with fabulous uniforms, an excellent school program and one big problem. Nikki's archenemy MacKenzie Hollister started there two weeks ago. At home, Nikki's little sister Briana is experimenting in the kitchen trying to perfect a recipe to gain her cooking badge for scouts. Nikki refuses to eat the burnt chocolate pudding complete with eggshells. The cute factor is added with a new golden retriever puppy Daisy who interrupts Nikki's sleeping. Nikki's new school is super-cool, she's excited and nervous as well, there are new friends and experiences - horse riding, French class, Science Club and more MacKenzie dramas. Added to the mix is a new queen bee Tiffany and her gang who make life interesting for all the exchange program students. Nikki is forced to team up with MacKenzie to survive.
Frenemies Forever has all the essential elements fans love. There are expressive diary entries with loads of exclamation marks; cartoon sketches of Nikki's dorky life and humorous situations like the blue face mask and a caramel popcorn explosion. The themes are relevant to preteen readers, a first crush, friendships, school life and overcoming bullying. Rachel Renee Russell's Nikki continues to be admired for her quirky dorky traits and her down to earth relatable portrayal of everyday life.
Rhyllis Bignell