The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen by Tom Banks

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Hot Key Books, 2015. ISBN 9781848124509
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Themes: Comedic Adventure; Fantasy; Pirates. This book is described in the Publisher's notes as being 10% Furry, 30% Pirate-y and 60% Adventure-y! Or, as this reviewer might suggest, it is 100% rollicking piratical Bizarre-ness!!
This book is the third in the series involving the Pirate team from The Great Galloon, which is a Pirate vessel which sails aloft using an array of Balloon and other 'lift' devices. It is 'manned' by an equally bizarre assortment of sailors - some of whom defy description. The adventure ensues because the Captain desperately wants to rescue his fiance from the clutches of his renegade brother. Little does he know, but the circumstances are not what they seem and the adventure places them all in danger. Younger characters (with personality traits that make them quirky and endearing) have pivotal parts to play in the rescue of The Great Galloon and all who sail on her.
The author has created a peculiar fantasy world, with its own rules, and unusual features, but has also created a curious array of language usages that involve some 'creative' word constructions eg 'agognished'. Some of this may cause some problems for some younger readers, however this book may appeal to the precocious young reader who is looking for a challenging and exciting book and is still too young for more mature books.
Recommended for readers aged 8+.
Carolyn Hull