Rogue wave by Jennifer Donnelly

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Waterfire saga bk 2. Hodder Children's Books 2015. ISBN 9781444926187
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Once more Jennifer Donnelly sends her readers on a whirlwind adventure of mermaid drama in the second instalment of the Waterfire saga. A rich fantasy writer, she yet again lives up to her name in this magical adventure.
Picking up from where its predecessor left off, Rogue wave follows Serafina as she escapes through the mirror into Lord Rorrim's realm. There she must summon her courage in order to escape from his clutches. But escaping from Lord Rorrim is the least of her worries; she has a realm to take back and an entire ocean to save from the dreaded Abbadon, a monster which many merls believe long dead. Together with five other mermaids, she must recover the lost talismans of The Six Who Ruled. Only then can the monster be subdued. However, along the way she must learn important lessons about the wisdom of being a ruler, and rediscover her mother's love for her people, whether well-off or the dregs of merl society. She and the rebels desperately await the return of her uncle with the promised goblin armies which will drive out Miromara's imposters and restore Serafina as Regina in her late mother's stead. However, as Serafina searches for her Merrow's talisman things become a lot more complicated and, as with any adventure, things are never as simple as they seem.
Such a rich fantasy, it will transport readers into another world with its beautiful imagery and unanticipated plot. It certainly speaks to young readers with lessons about listening, not being too hasty and doing what is right for the greater number. I would recommend this to readers of fantasy aged ten and upwards.
Kayla Gaskell, age eighteen.