My first Elmer collection David McKee

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Random House, 2014. ISBN 9781783441792
(Age: Preschool - K) Highly recommended. 'Four Elmer board books in one handy package! Elmer's colours, Elmer's day, Elmer's friends, and Elmer's weather shrinkwrapped in an attractive card wrapper to make a gorgeous gift for a young baby and an essential addition to every playgroup and nurseryschool's bookshelves.'
Fact: Everyone loves elephants.
Fact: Everyone loves Elmer.
Well, that's how it works in our family and I have to say, that I have not shared Elmer with any Lower School humans who have not had a similar response!
And now, in the 25th anniversary year of Elmer stories, here is the dinkiest, cutest little series/set to gift to miniscule people in your circle. As we know, reading starts with the smallest of children if it is to be a lifelong habit and this perfectly sweet collection of four Elmer board books is a super way to start your favourite little one off such a journey.
Each little board book is sturdy, well designed - and particularly important - the exactly right size for small dimpled hands to clasp onto and wave around excitedly. As one might expect, vibrant colours abound and accompanied by simple text to which tinies will relate well, I cannot recommend these highly enough.
As well as the joys of the stories and colourful illustrations, simple concepts abound. For example, in Elmer's friends the reader is introduced to those friends with comments such as 'Hello Snake. You're longer than anybody'.
While these might not suit everyone's school library - those with early childhood centres or who accommodate younger siblings might differ - they are certainly a gorgeous gift for the small people in your life.
Read about the evolution of Elmer and the always wonderful Sparklebox has heaps of resources.
Sue Warren