Bears, bears, bears by Martin Waddell

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Ill. by Lee Wildish. Hodder Children's Books, 2014. ISBN 9781444906790.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Bears, Greed. Loving bears as she does, Ruby puts up a sign inviting bears to come and play with her. One bear appears from the Bear Wood, and together the two have bear hugs and play chasey. But Ruby is not satisfied, she asks for more bears. Two more appear, and they have a great time together, until, Ruby, again asks for more bears. This goes on until the whole house is full of bears, and she cannot sleep in her own bed. Undeterred, she takes her blanket to the bathroom, but finds that room filled with bears as well.
She turns to her original bear and tells him there are too many bears. He calls 'Bears out', and they all find their way out of the house and back to the Bear Wood. Ruby and her one bear are alone at last.
The illustrations are just wonderful, the expressions on the bears' faces will draw the young readers to look at each individually. Each bear is different, and the pages with many bears crowded together invites the reader's close attention. Look closely at the bears in the bathroom, they are using all the facilities!
I love this take on being satisfied with what you have, of not being greedy, of too much of a good thing being overwhelming, and can imagine teachers and parents being able to use the lovely tale to point out a few home truths to a group of children. After they have read it for its huge sense of fun, of course.
Fran Knight