48 hours: The Medusa Curse by Gabrielle Lord

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781743629765
(Age: 12+) One missing suspect
One stolen supercomputer
Two Amateur Investigators
48 Hours to solve the Crime.
"Two vicious thieves smash a cursed Medusa statue and steal the supercomputer Sapphire in a terrifying museum raid. Jazz and Phoenix are first on the scene and they soon find themselves in the midst of a dangerous mystery.
Their friend and museum owner, Dr Zhang, is the prime suspect, but he is nowhere to be found. Determined to prove him innocent and find Sapphire, Jazz and Phoenix have just 48 hours to follow the trail of evidence before it goes cold. Will the amateur investigators discover that a centuries-old curse has struck again, or is something even more sinister going on?
The clock is ticking . . ." (Publisher)
I was intrigued to read the second book in the 48 Hours series, having thoroughly enjoyed the first one. And I was not disappointed. This kept me on the edge of the seat from start to finish as the author cleverly drip feeds you throughout the book. Jazz and Phoenix continue to develop as characters and the reader will begin to see them as friends. Both are well aware of the importance of the first 48 hours after a crime has been committed and Lord very cleverly counts them down throughout the book. It will appeal to girls and boys alike aged 12 and over. They will love the action-packed book with forensics, mystery and criminal investigations.
Kathryn Schumacher