Double Cross by Malorie Blackman

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Doubleday, 2008.
Even though I have never forgiven Ms Blackman for the cliffhanger at the end of book 2 of Noughts and Crosses and the long long wait for the arrival of book 3, I was so pleased to see that another of these books was to be published that I literally danced around the room!
And it is as brilliant as its predecessors. Absolute genius.  The series begins after the bomb, with Callie-Rose still having not told her family the real truth. Tobey and Callie-Rose finally get it on, but Tobey is slowly realising his dream of getting off the estate through hard work and qualifications won't be as uncomplicated as he hoped. After a few conversations with Dan, his seemingly wealthy best mate, who makes deliveries for a local gang, he makes an ill judged decision which leaves Callie-Rose in a critical condition in hospital. Determined to avenge her injuries, Tobey dices with death by trying to play the two local gang leaders off against each other with shattering consequences. Roll on book number 5!
Nikki Heath