A magical friend by Chloe Ryder

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Princess Ponies series bk 1. Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN: 9781408827277. 120pp.
(Ages 7-9) This is the first in a series of eight books about a normal girl named Pippa who has been magically transported by two giant seahorses to the enchanted island of Chevalia. Chevalia is a magical island inhabited by talking ponies complete with a royal family. But the island is in trouble and they need Pippa's help. She needs to get back the eight horseshoes that keep Chevalia alive before it disappears forever. It is no coincidence that there are eight books and eight horseshoes as in each instalment Pippa works with her pony friend Princess Stardust to find one more horseshoe. But finding the horseshoes will not be easy as there are places on the island that are so dangerous that no pony should go there. Not to mention the not so friendly or beautiful horses that occupy the other side of the island; the Night Mares.
This series of easy chapter books will be lapped up by beginning independent female readers who will delight in the idea of an island exclusively for ponies. Lovely read for those who are interested in ponies and magic - of which there are many!
Nicole Smith-Forrest