Where you are by Tammara Webber

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Between the Lines series. Razorbill, 2013. ISBN 978 0 14 134748 6. 326p
(Age: Upper secondary) Well recommended for Upper Secondary students, especially girls. This is the second in the Between the Lines series following Between the Lines. The novel centres around the language of 'love'. Reid is the spoilt good looking star of the film he and Emma have made, which is about to have its premiere in LA. Although a slick talker, his description of love reveals the thoughts of many young people finding their way. He says, p. 298 'love is just the name of an emotion . . . It's lust without ethics. And emotions - fear, hate, whatever - come and go'. Then he talks about being in love, and then falling in love 'as though it's accidental.' p. 299. It's a very confronting, challenging and frank discussion for young people, perhaps because frank disclosures aren't always easy and to read such thoughts in a novel may well be reassuring.
Jealousy, through ex-girlfriend Brooke's behaviour and Reid's willingness to be part of Brooke's plans for Graham, is a real test for Emma and Graham.The enduring themes of trust and honesty with love win through.
There are humorous moments which release the mounting tension, with Emma's best friend Emily.
Emma is in New York with her father looking at colleges and unexpectedly meets Graham again. Their relationship takes off!
It doesn't seem necessary to have read Between the Lines, the first in the trilogy but readers who have enjoyed the first will be keen to see how the relationships form and break up. The back cover suggests it's for readers in the last years of school for there is a warning about explicit content.
The language is detailed and descriptive, and because each character has their own chapter, the reader hears the inner voice of each, their hopes, fears and worries. This heightens the ever increasing strain between the four and the reader knows what is planned. It's very readable and no doubt readers, especially girls will want to read Good for You the next in the series.
Sue Nosworthy