No Ordinary Love Song by Alison Prince

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN: 9781406306637.
Cal is concerned about the state of the planet, unwilling to work terribly hard or communicate at school and is missing his sister, the only member of his family in whom he is willing to confide. When Kerry, the part aboriginal girl whom he has seen on the ferry, arrives at his school, his life begins to change. They fall in love and together they dream and talk about their future. Suddenly things change when Kerry announces that she is pregnant. Whilst Cal's life is in turmoil, amidst his dysfunctional family, the lives of his parents are also in flux with both of them going off to have affairs. Ultimately, the characters reveal sides to themselves which redeem them and bring about changes for the family.
Despite its heavy focus on teenage angst, this title differs from many other young adult fiction in that it is written from two different perspectives, those of both Callum and his mother. One could compare and contrast their experiences and emotions, as both are unhappy and lacking fulfillment, yet overcome some of their issues throughout the course of the novel. With themes such as the trials of teenage romance and relationships, music and the support of various adults, there is a certain amount of humour interspersed. Although an enjoyable read, this title still seemed to be somewhat lacking in depth.
Jo Schenkel