Pearson Picture Books series by various authors

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Pearson, 2011.
(Age 5-7) Pearson Picture Books is a series of readers aimed at young children. The stories were all interesting and illustrated with pictures that would appeal to young children. They would be ideal to send home with children who are just beginning to read as the number of words is fairly limited and there is lots of repetition to help children learn new words. The hardback books are study and would hold up to a lot of handling. The stories are ones that would appeal to both boys and girls.

Two baby elephants by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. ISBN 9781442548114.
Recommended. Two children have lots of fun with tow baby elephants while Mum is away. They eat the food, leave the dirty dishes and leave havoc behind wherever they go. This is a lot of fun to read and the illustrations are fabulous. The text rhymes and it is easy to predict. The conclusion makes a humorous finish to a book that will appeal to children.

Try again, Emma by Jane Langford and Ann Kroneimer. ISBN  978 1 44254 799 5.
A cute story about a little girl, who makes a poster for a competition, has a message about continuing to try to do one's best even if there are pitfalls on the way.

The day the sky fell down by Michaela Morgan and Jane Cope. ISBN 9781442548015.
A variation on an old folktale, about a chicken that thought the sky was falling in, this verse story is amusing and should appeal to young children.
Pat Pledger