Enormouse! by Rebecca Gerlings

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Egmont, 2011. ISBN 978 1 4052 4832 7.
(Ages 5+) Picture book. When a kitten with big ideas falls from his window and falls into the caravan, a part of a circus driving through the town, the animals work hard to include him in their act. But he doesn't quite make the grade. One evening, he has a big idea, and so sets up a tent with cheese as the attraction and lures hundreds of mice into his domain.
The next day his act is a sellout, as he puts all the mice together, making one big animal which he trains like a lion tamer. Doing tricks and like no other act, he is very successful, and has sell out shows all over the world, showing that just one big idea can be most fruitful in someone's life.
The illustrations which accompany the text are wonderful, ranging from the pastel colours when the kitten is falling from the building, up to bold bright colours when he has achieved success. Readers will love the little jokes hidden on each page of pictures, and seek them out as they read.
Fran Knight