Urban Assassin by Jim Eldridge

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Egmont, 2011. ISBN 9781405254779
(Age 13+) Mitch, Nelson, Two Moons, Tug, Benny and Gaz are part of an elite Special Forces unit made from collaboration between Great Britain and the USA. The book opens on them thwarting a terrorist attack an embassy in Turkey. They manage to stop the attack, but just when it is over, they are called back to base with maximum urgency. MI6 has found evidence for an assassination plot against the British prime minister. When the MI6 spies showed a picture of the main suspect, the men were shocked. He was an ex-Delta force soldier who had fought with all the men except Mitch before he was invalided out of the Special Forces.
This book seemed to be more aimed at younger kids of eight or nine, but was far too gory to be for anybody under 13. It was fairly well written, and had an average plot. I wouldn't recommend this book, mainly because of the age problems.
Gareth Peer (Student)