DC Super Heroes series - Batman

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Raintree, 2011.
(Age 8+)
Doctor of Fear by Matthew Manning, Raintree, 2011. ISBN 978 1 40622 541 9
An exciting adventure with Batman and Batgirl stumbling into an out-of-the-ordinary incident. During a fire drill at a city department store, customers find themselves locked in. They escape by breaking one of store windows, but who locked the doors? Batgirl sees to the other escape doors while Batman is on the hunt for the culprit finally catching up with him. But it's not the person he thought it would be. Meanwhile another fear-giving incident happens in Wayne Tower itself. A different culprit is apprehended and is interrogated. Thorough investigation by Batman and Batgirl discover a common event in these people's lives - they all visited the same dentist who happens to be 'The Scarecrow'. Does The Scarecrow manage to install fear in all of Gotham's citizens or will Batman and Batgirl destroy his evil plans?

The Maker of Monsters by Eric Fein, Raintree, 2011. ISBN 978 1 40622 543 3.
Monsters are on the rampage in Gotham City, frightening the citizens and fearing for their lives. Batman and Robin come to the rescue and endeavor to find out where these monsters are coming from. The Dynamic Duo manages to capture one of these monsters and are able to observe it in a hospital. When the monster changes back into a human being Batman begins to investigate the situation. Their discoveries lead them to the mad scientist. Batman decides to volunteer as a guinea pig disguised as Bruce Wayne and ends up a monster himself. Will Batman ever be able to return as himself? Will Robin be able to rescue Batman before any real damage occurs? What will happen to the Dynamic Duo?

Mad Hatter's Movie Madness by Donald Lemke, Raintree, 2011. ISBN 978 1 40622 544 0.
Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake (aka Batman and Robin) attend a film premiere where 3D glasses are required. Bruce accidently steps on a pair belonging to a little girl and he offers his pair to her and he ends up watching the movie without 3D glasses. Tim is addicted to his 3D glasses and refuses to take them off. Meanwhile the Mad Hatter is about to launch his evil plan! Everyone who attended the movie were still wearing their 3D glasses. They were with the Mad Hatter! Was the Mad Hatter able to hypnotise the movie patrons to do his bidding? Discovering that Tim was not in his room when morning came, Bruce Wayne donned his alter-ego and as Batman began to unravel the mystery. Will Batman find the solution to the increased crime happening in Gotham City? Will Batman be able to save Tim and the other citizens of Gotham from the evil clutches of the Mad Hatter?

Catwoman's Halloween Feist by Eric Fein, Raintree, 2011. ISBN 978 1 40622 542 6.
Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake attend a friend's Halloween party dressed up in their alter egos, Batgirl and Robin. None of the guests are wise to their disguises. The friend's father is the host of the party and also collects historical objects. One such object is the black cat diamond. This disappears when the lights go out and Batgirl and Robin suspect it's the work of Catwoman! They are proved right and set about catching her without Batman's help. Will they be successful? And will they be discovered as the real Batgirl and Robin?
Janet Cassidy