Lulu's lunch by Camilla Reid

cover image

Bloomsbury, 2011. ISBN 9780747599906.
(Age 1-3) Recommended. Lulu has an utterly delicious lunch. After putting on her bib, she starts with a crunchy carrot, then eats a pizza and finishes with yogurt and honey. Sometimes she has fish fingers for lunch or goes for a picnic with her friends and eats sandwiches and fruit. And guess what her favourite lunch is? Spaghetti!
This is a gorgeous interactive book that looks at a variety of nutritious foods that could be eaten for lunch. Children will have lots of fun undoing the Velcro tabs to put on Lulu's bib and touching the sticky honey page. There are pages where little fingers will itch to feel the textures and best of all is the flap at the end of the book where Lulu is shown eating her favourite food, spaghetti that is made out of pieces of string. The book is very sturdy with a very thick cover and pages. The flaps are attached securely and should hold for much exploration by curious children.
Colourful, interesting illustrations are sure to hold the attention of the young children who could spend a lot of time naming different objects on the pages. The double spread about fruit provides the opportunity to learn the names of many different fruit. Aside from the learning opportunities, it is a delightful book that reads aloud well and is sure to become a toddler's favourite.
I am certain that my grandchildren will enjoy this treat of a book. It is a keeper.
Pat Pledger