Helping our planet by Jane Bingham

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Usborne, 2020. ISBN: 9781474982764. 240pp., pbk.
As our students become more independent they start to hear the message about the plight of the planet more loudly and realise that even though they are still young, there is much they can do as individuals to contribute to the solution rather than the problem.
Focusing on issues such as saving energy, reducing waste, cutting down on plastic, water conservation, shopping and travelling thoughtfully and caring for the planet's plants and creatures, this book presents more in-depth information that respects the reader's growing maturity and understanding. It includes a section on how they can make their voice heard so others take notice so rather than just becoming aware of the issue, they understand that they can also take action on a broader scale.
By this age, students will also have a feeling for which particular area attracts them the most, so the accompanying Quicklinks also offer a way forward for greater awareness and action. With information in manageable chunks alongside lots of illustrations, this is one for those who are ready to take their journey to the next step.
Barbara Braxton