Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 978 1406311044.
Four teenagers from diverse backgrounds and trained as special operations agents are given the task of entering Nazi occupied Norway and destroying heavy water stores to prevent the Nazis making atomic bombs. Ase, Frederick, Jakob and Lars all have unique skills to contribute to the mission. Ase has explosives training, is a gymnast and speaks four languages. Frederick has a photographic memory, is bilingual in two languages and can read a number of others. Jakob is an all round athlete and born leader and Lars is a good outdoorsman and skilled navigator however has recently been interrogated by the Gestapo and is particularly withdrawn.
The four meet at a facility in the wilds of Scotland where they spend time preparing for their mission and getting to know one another and the skills they bring. Colonel Armstrong subjects them to various situations simulating what they might encounter during their journey and develops strength within the group to withstand extreme conditions and circumstances. When the mission begins this training proves invaluable to the situations they face and the execution of the mission is both dangerous and extreme with the group becoming separated in the final stages. This story has elements of espionage, intrigue, sabotage and personal sacrifice. The book is written in log form with entries by Ase and Jakob (whose entries are accompanied by sketches) which makes for an exciting and compelling read.
Tracy Glover