The enchanted horse by Magdalen Nabb

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HarperCollins Childrens, 2009. ISBN 9780007317332. 92p.
A little girl called Irina went shopping with her mum and saw a pretend horse in the junk shop window. The mum said you don't want that filthy old thing. She goes in the shop and doesn't see anyone. Then she hears a voice that said come closer. Then she takes Bella the horse home with her and puts her in the barn. She left her there for a few days. On Christmas day she went and brushed and cleaned her up. She found a box and in it was a blanket and things to clean a horse. She thought if her granddad had a horse he would have used it. Her Mum and Dad were yelling at her but she didn't hear them. That night she went to bed and then she woke up and looked out at the apple tree and saw Bella standing there waiting for her to get on her back. Irina rode Bella every night. Then one night she went out to ride Bella and she took her to old Black Jack's farm. And then Bella threw her off her back and ran away. Next winter Bella came back and left her foal for Irina to take care of.
I liked the book and I would recommend other people read it.
Charlie Casanova (Year 3 student, Open Access College, School of the Air)