Disharmony: The Telling by Leah Giarratano

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Book One. Penguin Books Australia. ISBN: 978014356568.
(Ages: 14+) Recommended. A juvenile detention centre in Australia, a camp in Romania and a castle in Geneva. Gypsies, ninjas, elves, witches and kings. A psychopath, an empath and a genius. Such a combination possesses the promise of a magnificent story, and Leah Giarratano's new novel Disharmony: The Telling does not disappoint!
Luke Black and Samantha White live on opposite sides of the planet. Luke is a troubled adolescent who literally lacks the ability to feel emotions and is an inmate in a juvenile detention centre in Sydney, Australia. In contrast, Sam is living in a gypsy camp in Romania, fortune telling and reading cards to make money. She has the uncanny ability of being able to tell exactly what everyone is feeling. These seemingly unrelated teens have nothing in common except for the fact that they are orphans . . . and that they are part of a prophecy which sees them restoring harmony and order to the entire world!
Disharmony's unique and compelling plot ties together the completely different lives of two teenagers destined for greatness, expertly capturing the essence of action, suspense and magic, all in a modern setting. Trouble lurks around every corner for Luke and Sam, and with the fate of the entire world at stake, their relentless enemies with stop at nothing to steal them. The action-packed storyline and gripping ending will leave you bursting with anticipation for the sequel!
The personalities and lives of each of the protagonists in Disharmony are explored in such great depth, engendering the reader to feel as though they really know Luke and Samantha, thus making their stories seem so much more real. The detailed 'setting of the scene' at the beginning of the novel verges on the brink of being too slow, however the constant shadow of danger and the complex plot keeps the reader engaged.
I found Disharmony to be an original and thrilling novel, which had me rapt from the very first chapter!
Lucymarie Silvestri (Student)