The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

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The Lorien Legacies series. Penguin, 2011.
(Age 13+) The Power of Six follows quickly on from the popularity of the first book of this series, I am Number Four and the subsequent late 2010 release of the Hollywood film version. This novel continues following the destruction of the Paradise school, when John, Sam and Number Six are labelled wanted 'International Terrorists' and are forced to flee the small the American town. This means John is forced to leave his human girlfriend Sarah and thus positions the story with an ongoing subject of John continuously missing Sarah balanced with an emerging physical attraction to Six. The Power of Six simultaneously follows the one of the other nine Gardes from the planet of invaded Lorien, Seven, also known by her adopted name on earth, Marina. Unlike John (or Number Four) Seven went to Spain when they arrived on earth and was living in St Teresa orphanage and convent with her guardian (known as Cepan) Adelina. Marina's Cepan has failed to train her in the skills that would later require in fighting the enemy Mogadorians because she was influenced and distracted by her new devotion to the church and God. As a consequence, Marina (Number Seven) is forced to discover her new special powers (called Legacies) by herself, which for her includes the ability to heal others. John, Six and Seven soon discover that their connection to each other occurs in the context of their special chests, the contents of which are further revealed throughout the book. Unfortunately for these three Gardes, the Mogadorians have also gained access to these chests and have using the powers contain within these chests to hunt down and destroy the remaining members of Lorien on earth. The Power of Six has certainly plenty of action, plots and sub-plots to keep readers engrossed. The themes of lust, loyalty and love that permeate both John's and Marina's stories make this popular novel slightly more than just an entertaining fantasy fiction novel. The Power of Six film version would soon be anticipated by fans of this series.
Adam Fitzgerald