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Allen, Ed Hide and seek with grandpa
Boelts, Maribeth Ill. Castillo, Lauren Happy like soccer
Bound, Samantha-Ellen Dance till you drop
Brett, Peter V. Desert Spear
Canavan, Trudi Novice
Cassidy, Anne Guilt trip
Crowley, Cath Words in deep blue
D’Amico, Carmela Ella : the elegant elephant
Dowrick, Stephanie Spudvilas, Anne Moon shines out of the dark
Doyle, Roddy Wilderness
Drakeford, Lisa Baby
Draper, Sharon M. Panic
Dubosarsky, Ursula Reindeer's Christmas surprise
Elliott, David This Orq : (he cave boy)
Elphinstone, Abi Sky song
Emond, Stephen Happyface
Gleeson, Libby Banjo and Ruby Red
Grylls, Bear Claws of the Crocodile
Hale, Shannon Dangerous
Hughes, Ted How the whale became and other stories
Jamal, Nadia Headstrong daughters: inspiring stories from the new generation of Australian Muslim women
Jinks, Catherine Very singular guild
Jones, Sam Yolo
Knight, Eric Lassie come-home
McCartney, Tania Riley and the curious koala : a journey around Sydney
Moriarty, Jaclyn Corner of white
Musgrove, Marianne Worry tree
Newton, Robert Saturday morning, Mozart and burnt toast
Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin Optimists die first
Nix, Garth Newt's emerald
Norsa, Sophie Lisa absolutely loves art
November, Sharyn ed. Firebirds : an anthology of original fantasy and science fiction
Ogilvy, Ian Measle and the slitherghoul
Oliver, Lauren Vanishing girls
Polak, Monique Straight punch
Richards, Kel Big book of Aussie dinosaurs
Ross, Gary Ill. Myers, Matthew Bartholomew Biddle and the very big wind
Roxburgh, Richard Artie and the grime wave
Sharenow, Robert Berlin Boxing Club
Sperring, Mark Ill. Lloyd, Sam Dino-baby
Spratt, R.A. Friday Barnes, girl detective
Stanton, Andy Mr Gum and the goblins
Stephens, Helen How to hide a lion
Thomas, Isabel First book of diggers and dumpers
Truss, Lynne Girl's like spaghetti : why, you can't manage without apostrophes!
Wignell, Edel Bilby secrets
Willems, Mo Pigeon wants a puppy!
Williams, Michael Diamond boy
Wooding, Chris Weavers of Saramyr
Zarb, Mike Forest of doom and gloom
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