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FILM Curse of the Golden Flower
Agnew, Leoine Conrad Cooper's last stand
Archer, Mandy Fire engine is flashing
Argent, Kerry One woolly wombat
Barnett, Mac Illus. Klassen, Jon Sam and Dave dig a hole
Burton, David How to be happy : a memoir of love, sex and teenage confusion
Clare, Cassandra Clockwork angel
Cremer, Andrea R. Nightshade
Dietl, Erhard Ogglies go to school
Dodd, Lynley Dudgeon is coming
Edwards, Hazel Outback ferals
Emerson, Marcus How to ninja: diary of a 6th grade ninja activity book
Fennell, Emerald Shiverton Hall
Ferrante, Elena My brilliant friend
Gibson, Ricky Crowboy
Grant, Mira Parasite
Harrold, A.F. Imaginary
Heller, Zoe Notes on a scandal
Hurst, Elise Elephants' big day out
Huynh, Quang Nhuong Land I lost
Johnson, Julia Leopard boy
Jones, Cerberus Warriors of Brin-Hask
Lawrence, David Reppin' it
Lynch, Chris Casualties of war
MacDonald, Norma Spinifex mouse
Marsden, John Third day, the frost
McDonough, Yona Zeldis In Dahlia's wake
McMullen, Sean Changing yesterday
Morden, Simon Equations of life
Muchamore, Robert Killer T
Nordland, Rod Lovers : love and vengeance in Afghanistan : a true story
O'Malley, Bryan Lee Scott Pilgrim and the infinite sadness
Phillips, Wendy Fishtailing
Pierce, Meredith Ann Gathering of gargoyles
Pignataro, Anna Being Agatha
Pitt, Darrell Secret abyss
Ripley, Robert L. Ripley's believe it or not! : special edition 2012
Ryan, Kate Degas : an art book for kids
Searle, Rick Follow me
Seed, Andy Silly book of weird and wacky words
Snicket, Lemony Lump of coal
Snicket, Lemony 'Shouldn't you be in school?'
Spinelli, Jerry Love, Stargirl
St. John, Lauren White giraffe
Stutson, Caroline Illus. Klassen, Jon Cats' night out
Torday, Piers Wild beyond
Vulliamy, Clara Midnight mystery
Wilson, Marika Come count with me
Yoon, Salina Be a friend
Zorn, Claire Sky so heavy
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